The drive from our timeshare in NMB was shorter than I expected, maybe 15 minutes. THe atmosphere was beautiful. I wasn’t impressed by the singer, but tuned her out after a couple songs. Although I WAS happy there was live music. The service: FANTASTIC. Couldn’t be better. The food, Amazing. I have been in NC for four years and haven’t been home to NY/CT in that long and since I am a chef myself have to rely on my own cooking. It was great to have someone else cook the Italian food the way it should be! My only heartbreak was my linguine was JUST over al dente. When I put my first bite of my Linguine and White Clam sauce in my mouth I thought I had died and gone to Heaven until I bit down. :o( But at the end of the night, the Tiramisu made up for any wrong I may have perceived. Also the dishes of my grandparents were all FABULOUS. I will definitely return AND recommend Bistro 90!

– Kristina Braught