My wife and I have been driving past this restaurant for 5 years and always saying we need to go there some day…. but we never “got around to it”.

Yesterday we did and I couldn’t believe our overall dining experience. It was a “Class Act In Every Respect”.

My first impression as I walked in was “classy”. Inside the restaurant was full so we were seated outside. The weather was nice so we didn’t mind that at all. The patio was very comfortable.

We were starving by the way and when I go to a restaurant when I am starving I want to leave feeling 150% satisfied and feeling that I couldn’t fit another morsel of food in my stomach.

Then the service began! The waiter was a class act. He knew the menu inside out, answered all of our questions and was even able to recommend dishes based upon his experience. I actually went with one of his recommendations and he was spot on with it too. His timing on everything was perfect – from the drinks to the food. Not once was one of our glasses empty and not once did I feel that I was waiting to long for each course. The appetizer came out in about 5 minutes and the salads and entrée were also perfectly timed.

Enough about the timing…. Let’s talk about the food. Being of Italian descent, we shared the antipasto. My wife is picky and only ate the cheese but I ate every single other item on the dish from the variety of salamis and prosciutto to the marinated roasted vegetables. I switched out the house salad for the Greek salad for a couple more dollars and it was the best Greek salad I have ever eaten. Could have been 20% bigger (I only say that because I was so hungry) otherwise it was a perfect size.

My entrée (which the waiter recommended) which was the Rigatoni Sorrentino and it was delicious in every respect. The chicken had a wonderful grilled flavor and the shrimp were huge. The balsamic Alfredo sauce was great. My wife went for the Fettucini Alfredo and said it was the best she had ever eaten. I finished her plate and it is the best I have ever eaten also.

As we were eating our desert, Pistachio cheesecake, novel to say the least… and delicious, the owner visited our table. We made sure to tell him just how impressed we were – with every aspect of his restaurant.

I didn’t leave the restaurant 150% satisfied…. I left 200% satisfied. It was a spectacular dining experience overall and is now going to be our regular place to eat at.